Right to Farm Act GAAMP amendment

On April 28, 2014, the Michigan Commission of Agriculture and Rural Development adopted the 2014 version of the Site Selection GAAMP. The 2014 updated Site Selection GAAMP created a new category of livestock facility, which category (Category 4) is not acceptable for new and/or expanding livestock facilities and livestock production facilities. The 2014 updated Site
Selection GAAMP also defined a livestock facility as “any facility where farm animals as defined in the Right to Farm Act are kept regardless of the number of animals.” So the Right to Farm and GAAMPs now apply to any number of farm animals, instead of being triggered at 50 animal units.

Category 4 sites are defined as primarily residential and where agricultural uses are not allowed by right. Such areas are not acceptable under the Site Selection GAAMP for livestock facilities or livestock production facilities (ie., for any number of farm animals). However, a local municipality may determine (by adoption of a local ordinance) that agricultural uses may be acceptable in these areas and upon what terms.

If you have questions on the adoption of the 2014 Site Selection GAAMP as part of Michigan’s Right to Act, please feel free to contact a Bauckham Sparks attorney.

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